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  SECTIONAL TAKEDOWNS Removal of a tree or trees in small sections in a controlled manner, using lowering equipment such as ropes and straps to ensure existing buildings, trees and hard landscaped areas remain undamaged. CROWN LIFTING Raising the canopy by complete removal or pruning of lower branches to a desired height, removal of lower most branches of a tree in order to provide clearance for pedestrians, buildings, vehicles etc.  CROWN THINNING & CLEANING Removes selective branches within the crown defined by a percentage whilst maintaining the overall shape to increase light penetration, air movement and weight reduction. Dead, weak and crossing branches are also removed.   CROWN REDUCTION This tree care service includes the reduction of the height and spread of the of the crown of the tree by removing branches back to good selective growth points defined by a percentage or height. Perfect for maintaining over-grown trees. GARDEN CLEARANCE Complete clearance and removal of overgrown shrubs, trees and other garden debris including branches, leaves and twigs. Your garden can be cleared and made ready for replanting or landscape gardening. HEDGE TRIMMING & SHRUB PRUNING The reduction and trimming of a hedge or shrubs, these are normally reduced to a desired height then trimmed or pruned to achieve a neat, manageable hedge line. We have a variety of machinery to give perfect results
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